Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Pity Party, My House 1:00p.m.

I had my PET scan last week and received my results on Friday. There is no cancer in the hip, or the chest area...great. However, there is a small spot on L1 Vertebrae that they believe to be cancer. The doctor says it could be a healing spot too. The current plan: we will keep an eye on it (I'm sorry, let's take care of it NOW!). I guess a decision will be made at the next PET scan 3 months from now. In the meantime, this will continue eating at my sanity until then. I have had some slight hip pain and lower back pain (let me tell you about the power of suggestion!).

I am having a really hard time with this. I think it is because I had it in my head that I had this thing beat. I mean I was in remission...I planned on staying that way until I was 50 or so. So now I have to deal with this blow (minor, yes, but disheartening nonetheless). The positive in this is that it is a small spot AND none of my major organs are affected. I guess until it is confirmed CANCER, I am still in remission.

I keep thinking about the 5 year survival rate for Stage 4 Breast cancer. It's like 16 - 20 %. Ryan will only be 7. Will he even remember me? How is Sydney going to survive teenage-hood without a mother? Will my sensitive little Ethan be ok? How will Shawn survive being a single parent of 3 kids? These are the questions that constantly go through my head right now.

Why don't I deserve to raise my kids and see them grow up? Why must I fight for something that so many others take for advantage? This is the pity party part. I planned on keeping my cute new 'do because it was cute. Now, I just want to have less that falls out through the next round of chemo (this hasn't been discussed yet, but I am preparing). Is this going to affect my reconstruction? What about my new gym membership? This is so frustrating. Pity Party.

Once I am able to get a hold of these emotions, I will be able to continue on my fight and beat this stupid "intrusion" on my life. Until then, please excuse my little pity party. I hope it doesn't last long :)


  1. Lots and lots of love. It's all going to be good. You are a WARRIOR!!

  2. That is from Ms. Jen...:)
    For the life of me, I cannot remember my log-in and password. It's been too darn long! love ya girl....

  3. Just found this blog through a link! You are a trooper! I so admire you! I now I'd be curled up somewhere. I continue to pray for you and I hope you know how much your good energy does for me! hang in there!

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    Hello Natasha,

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