Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Such is the way of life (I feel blessed to have it)

The last few weeks have been crazy busy in my life. I have been coaching Ryan's soccer team along with running Ethan to his soccer practice once a week and baseball practice twice a week. Sydney comes home late from school 2 days a week for Leap club and journalism club as well. Not to mention Mondays I go to the doctor for chemo. So, needless to say, life is REALLY busy. Don't get me wrong, I am not complaining; in fact, I am so greatful that I am able to be apart of all of this.

A few weeks ago, I started having back and neck pain (yes, there is cancer in the spots that I am experiencing pain). I hate to complain about it, but I finally had to ask the doctor for some pain pills to help me out (milder than what I had in my arsenal since I still have to function). Anyway, while I was dealing with this, I started to think about what cancer has taken from me. Near the top of the list was my ability to move freely and pick up my children. I don't want to go down that depressing path, and may need to address it later, but my point is God works in mysterious ways...

Last week, Ryan, my 3-year-old, was jumping on the trampoline at a friends house. We were there approximately 5 minutes and he was on the trampoline approximately 2 minutes. He started crying and when we got him off the trampoline, his knee was swollen horribly. I took him to urgent care right away, the whole time he cried and would scream. When we got to urgent care, he was crying so bad that the doctor came into the waiting room to find out what happened and see if he could give him some pain meds (Yes, please do). Well, we found that he broke his tibia near the knee joint and through a growth plate. The orthopedic said he does not need surgery, but will be in a cast for up to 6 weeks. During that time, he is not allowed to put any weight on his leg. So, what does that mean? That means, we have to carry Ryan EVERYWHERE. We did find a wheelchair to use while we are out, but it just doesn't work while at home. We carry him to bed, to the bathroom, to the car, to the dinner table, everywhere. Now remember, I was just complaining that cancer took my ability to carry my son. Or so I thought. I have since learned that I can carry him (yes, it is painful, but I CAN do it!). When Shawn isn't home to help, I have to be the one to get Ryan around.

So, my lesson learned is this: Cancer hasn't taken anything from me that I haven't allowed it to take. I AM IN CHARGE OF MY LIFE, NOT CANCER! I just need to remind myself of this little tidbit of newfound knowledge once in awhile.